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View integration or repository properties


Click the view  icon to see basic git repository details for the selected integration/repository:

Column Description
Status This is the repository connection status.

  • It shows UPDATED if Repository Root is configured correctly and the Jira instance can access it.
  • It shows the DISABLED status if the connected repository is unchecked.
  • It shows REINDEXING, SCANNING or QUEUED during reindexing of the connected repository or tracked folder/repositories.
  • It shows ERROR if the connected repository has connection issues with the configured git host.
Last Indexed This is the date and time when synchronization was last executed.
Host URL Displays the host URL of the connected integration/repository.
Account This is shown for connected AWS integration.
Repository Root This is shown if a connected integration is a single
repository.<br><br>This is the local path to the repository on the server where
your Jira service is running.
Repository Origin This is shown if the connected integration is a single
repository.<br><br>This is the URL to the hosted git service used on the
Changeset, File Added, File Modified, and File Deleted
This is shown if the connected integration is a single repository and web linking is
also configured.<br><br>Displays the web linking format strings (if set in
the repository web linking configuration)


The displayed repositories can be sorted by clicking the corresponding list header. The Git Integration for Jira app will remember the sorting choice per user.

The Repository Browser will not display the repository if it is disabled in the Git Repositories configuration. The commits and code diffs in the Issue ➜ Git CommitsGit Roll Up and Project tabs will also be unavailable due to this.


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