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Automatically connect to HTTPS git repositories with self-signed SSL certificates or other SSL issues

Perform auto-connect integration with HTTPS git repositories that have self-signed SSL certificates or other SSL issues. For this guide, we will use GitLab as an example:

  1. On your Jira dashboard, go to menu Git ➜ Manage repositories.

  2. On the Add new integration panel, click GitLab.

  3. For External service, select GitLab Server (CE/EE) v4. Support for v3 is deprecated.

  4. Enter the remote URL of the private git server.

  5. Enter Personal access token for this server.

  6. Click Connect to continue. If there is an indication of an SSL error, the following screen is displayed.

  7. Click Ignore certificate errors and continue connection. This will ignore SSL verification if it’s self-signed or expired.

  8. Import the detected repositories and then click Finish to complete the setup.

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