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Deprecation notice

Feature Date Details of ending support, removal or obsolescence
Integrations feature settings: Limit commits After 1 January 2021 The ‘Limit commits…’ setting is deprecated and will be removed. Thenceforth, all commits will be limited by project permissions.

Personal access tokens Dependent on which Git service Some Git services such as GitLab and GitHub are enforcing authentication access for users to use personal access tokens in accessing git resources and services.
${username} Effective 29 April 2019 The ${username} is used when logging into Jira and in the branch name template to generate a default name for newly-created branches. This template variable is deprecated as Atlassian is no longer making usernames available.
Ignore unmatching webhooks Starting v3.8+ We will no longer reindex all repositories by default when a webhook arrives without a matching repository. There will be a setting in the Webhooks setting page where the previous functionality can be restored.

The advanced options provide a couple of settings for webhook indexing performance improvements.

(more to come)
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