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Get Commit Issue Changes API

Returns the list of issues associated with the commit from the specified repository.

There are two types of users who can perform the Get Commit Issue Changes API call:

  1. Jira administrators
  2. Jira user who has all of the following:
    • View/browse permissions to the project;
    • View Development Tools permissions to the same project; and
    • The repository is associated to the project.







Field Description
jira-host String. Required.

This is the default url location where you host your Jira.

For example:

repoId Integer. Required.

Substitute {repoId} with the actual repository ID.

Use the Repository REST API to obtain the connected repositories’ IDs.

commitHash String. Required.

This is the hash of the commit that you want the results from.

Example:  e012663bf9bd968388faa510cb5b310e4798c512


Returns the result for the example below.



 "success": true,

The resulting issueKeys are the existing Jira issues that are currently associated with the commit that has the specified commit hash.

Example for GET queries:

GET /jira/rest/gitplugin/1.0/repository/1/commits/e012663bf9bd968388faa510cb5b310e4798c512/issues HTTP/1.1

Content-Type: application/json


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