October 11-13, 2022

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Git Integration for Jira Self-Managed (Data Center/Server) Documentation

General Settings

The General Settings page is only accessible to Jira Administrators.

The Git Integration for Jira app introduces the General Settings page which contains configuration options for performance and features.

Getting started

Open the General settings page in the Jira Apps Management (Applications page in Jira 8 and up) to enable/disable features of the Git Integration for Jira Server/Data Center app.

The General settings configuration page can be accessed thru the following locations:

  1. Jira dashboard menu Git ➜ Manage repositories ➜ Git Integration for Jira (sidebar) ➜ General settings.

  2. Jira dashboard menu➜ General settings.

If you’re using Jira Cloud, view this page instead.

Settings index

After making changes to the configuration settings, click Save to apply the changes.

Every git installation has global config file and .git/config file in every git repository. All settings at the global level can be overridden at the repository level. Therefore, different email addresses can be set for every git repository.

For more details on git configuration, see Customizing Git: Git Configuration.

Advanced settings

These settings have optimal recommended default values and works out of the box — unless further performance tweaks are needed:

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