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Git Integration for Jira Self-Managed (Data Center/Server) Documentation

JQL searching

The Git Integration for Jira app has added JQL operators and fields to query Jira using JQL and git context via the Jira search.


Enable/disable JQL search feature

Go to  Jira Administration ➜ Applications ➜ General settings.

This general setting allows administrators to enable/disable the JQL functions within the Git Integration for Jira app.

JQL field syntax

The Jira JQL has been extended as follows:

Criteria Name JQL Field Syntax Description Search Result Value Example
Git Commits Referenced gitCommitsReferenced is not empty
gitCommitsReferenced is empty
True for all issues referenced by a git commit
True for all issues not referenced by a git commit
True or “” (empty string)
Git Branch gitBranch in (Version-5.2, Version-5.3) True for all issues referenced by a git commit in branch Version-5.2 and branch Version-5.3 Version-5.2, Version-5.3


gitBranch in (master) AND resolution = Unresolved
gitCommitsReferenced is not empty AND resolution = Unresolved


Exporting JQL search results

You can save the JQL search results to CSV, HTML, XML or Word via Export.

JQL searching will not work if more than 65,000 Jira issues have at least one git commit associated. For more detailed information, see Known issues – JQL searching limitation.


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