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Connecting to a single git repository (HTTPS/SSH) (Integration basics)

This process requires an existing git host repository. Obtain the HTTPS or SSH git clone URL from the repository home of your git host service.

To connect a git repository to Jira via the Git Integration for Jira app:

  1. Go to dashboard menu Git ➜ Manage repositories.

  2. Click Connect to Git Repository or click the Git icon on the Add new integration panel. The Connect Wizard is displayed.

    • Enter the repository clone URL on the provided box. Initially, the repository URL can be obtained from the repository’s project page.

    • If you want to control the repository connection options, click the Advanced setup label.

  3. Click Next if you want to skip advanced setup and proceed with the standard setup. The Authentication screen is displayed.

    • For HTTPS/HTTP connections, enter login credentials. If two-factor authentication is enabled for your git host, enter the personal access token as the password instead.

    • If your repository clone URL is an SSH connection, upload or paste the private key in the respective input box and enter other required fields.

  4. Click Next. The Settings screen is displayed.

  5. Click Finish to complete this setup.

The repository is now connected for use with Jira.

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