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Increasing timeout threshold for large repositories while doing a Git pull

For this workaround to work, the user must have an access to a Jira hosting instance:

  1. Login to the hosting server.

  2. Create a new directory in the path different from the JIRA HOME directory. For example, ~/Image-repo/

  3. Go to a directory and perform a clone of a repository:

    git clone --mirror [email protected]:repo/url.git  **1

    Or use the generic clone:

    git clone [email protected]:repo/url.git  **2

    1 Modify the git repository URL to the correct one.
    2 Using the generic clone may take a bit longer and requires more disk space to store.

  4. For ~/Image-repo/ directory, give read and write permissions to the same user running Jira.
    For example, to make the user named user be an owner of a folder, perform the following command:

    sudo chown user ~/Image-repo
  5. Using the local path, connect the repository via the Git Integration for Jira app Advanced setup wizard. Use the correct local path for the Git for Jira app to successfully detect the repository.

  6. Click Detect to specify the origin value.

  7. Configure other settings if required. Click Add to proceed.

The repository is added and indexing should work.


Git operations timeout

This setting affects how long will Git Integration for Jira app waits for connections performed during git clone and git fetch. We recommend to increase the time value if you have large repositories, and in some cases, when connecting to them mostly results in timeout.

If you have several large repositories and have a problem with exceeded timeout, we recommend that you use our Tracked folders feature to scan local folders at once and import repositories automatically.


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