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Integration Basics

Learn basic integration for most git hosts by connecting git repositories to Jira Server via Git Integration for Jira app.

  • Connect single or multiple git repositories to Jira;

  • Find out how to associate git commits to a Jira issue(s);

  • Know more about smart commits; and

  • Learn how to create branch/pull/merge request inside Jira via the developer panel.


Group definition for each integration type

Git-hosting service Group
GitHub Login of a repository owner (aka username or org name)
GitLab The most nested group as is
Azure DevOps Repos Account / Collection / Project – (any may be omitted)
VSTS Account / Collection – (any may be omitted)
TFS / Azure DevOps Server Collection – (any may be omitted)
AWS No groups
Gerrit No groups
Tracked folder No groups
Single repository No groups


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