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Plugin Data Storage

The list of database tables for Git Integration for Jira app can be accessed at Jira Administration ➜ System ➜ (sidebar) Advanced ➜ Plugin Data Storage.

The database tables are described in the table below:

Table Description
AO_8BA09E_GIT_REPOSITORY This table contains the main repository configuration and repository parameters visible to users.
AO_8BA09E_MERGE_REQ_COMMITS This table contains information required to support the feature. For more information, see General Setting: Enable indexing pull/merge requests by commits.
AO_8BA09E_MERGE_REQUEST This table contains information about external merger requests and pull requests from the connected git servers.
AO_8BA09E_OBJECT_REGISTRATION This table contains information about object states for the Scripting feature. The objects are:



* merge/pull requests

AO_8BA09E_PROJECT_MAPPING This table contains project permissions.

AO_8BA09E_PROJECT_SETTINGS This table contains projects selected for some general setting options.

AO_8BA09E_REPO_WATCHERS This table contains repositories’ watchers.
AO_8BA09E_REPOSITORY_PARAMS This table contains internal repository parameters/states.
AO_8BA09E_SCREGISTRATION This table contains processed smart commits.
AO_8BA09E_SCREGISTRATION_ERROR This table contains errors that appeared during smart commits processing.
AO_8BA09E_SSH_KEY_ENTRY This table contains SHH keys used during connection to repositories.
AO_8BA09E_UNTRCKDCOMM_NOTF This table is used to track sent notifications that have no issue key and untracked by indices.
AO_8BA09E_USERS_PATS This table contains users’ personal access tokens.
AO_8BA09E_WEB_HOOK_ENTRY This table contains a secret key of the reindex webhook. It contains only one record.
The following pull request tables are deprecated:
AO_8BA09E_PULL_REQUEST We don’t use it anymore. But, Atlassian advised not to delete tables.
AO_8BA09E_PULL_REQUEST_V2 This table contains pull requests.
AO_8BA09E_REVIEW_COMMENT We don’t use it any more. But, Atlassian advised not to delete tables.
AO_8BA09E_REVIEW_COMMENT_V2 This table contains comments to the pull requests.
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