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How to create the support zip file?

Jira Cloud does not have the Support Zip feature.

(The old video is removed. Updated Video guide coming soon)

Jira can produce a Support Zip file for diagnosing issues. This will give our support team a better view of the issue.

You can create this file by accessing the Atlassian Support Tools in your Jira:

  1. On your Jira Server dashboard, go to Jira Administration.

  2. Click System.

  3. On the left sidebar, click Troubleshooting and support tools.

  4. Click the Create support zip tab.

  5. For Customize zip, leave all check marked options (recommended) or check/uncheck required information to generate.
    RECOMMENDED For Jira Data Center instances, you may include Thread dumps for performance analysis.

  6. Click Create zip to start generating support data.

Locate the generated Support Zip file and send it to [email protected].

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