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ScriptRunner – Javadocs – Class IntegrationType

Integration types supported.


Enum values

Enum Values Description Integration properties required to connect to the git server
GITLAB_SERVER GitLab CE/EE (APIv4) type, origin, PAT
GITLAB_SERVER_LEGACY GitLab CE/EE Legacy (APIv3) type, origin, username, password
FILESPACE Tracked folder type, origin, folderDepth
GITHUB and GitHub Enterprise Cloud (type, username, password) or (type, PAT)
GITHUB_SERVER GitHub Enterprise Server type, origin, PAT
TFS_SERVER Team Foundation Server (TFS) (type, origin, username, password) or (type, origin, username=”all”, PAT)
AZURE_DEVOPS Azure DevOps Repos (type, origin, username, password) or (type, origin, PAT)
VSTS Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) type, PAT
AZURE Azure DevOps Repos type, PAT
AWS AWS CodeCommit type, username, password, awsRegion
GERRIT Gerrit type, origin, username, password
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