This setting is part of the General Settings configuration page.

This setting allows administrators to configure duration of jobs and the GC checkers.

Scheduling jobs gives administrators control over when jobs run. These jobs can be scheduled in two ways:

We recommend that scheduled jobs be given sufficient time to run completely on a regular basis.

Look at the Git Integration app job names in Jira Administration ➜ System ➜ Scheduler details:


Expand them to observe schedule, duration, last run, duration, and next run.

Scheduled Jobs

Repository reindexing and Garbage collection and revision validation checkers settings are now moved into the Scheduled Jobs settings group.

Repository reindexing

Reindex interval  –  Set the automatic reindex interval frequency value in minutes as required. Default value is 5 minutes.

Configuration of the scheduler jobs are no longer accessible in the Jira administration page. For this case, the Git for Jira app offers Jira administrators this capability via the General screen. Minimum value is 1. Maximum value is 76,861,433,640,456. Only whole numbers are allowed.

Garbage collection and revision validation checkers

Job interval  –  Set the number of minutes that will elapse before a repository is checked to see if it should be garbage collected.  The default value is 1440 minutes.

For detailed information, see introductory article on Scheduling Jobs.